Kindle Unlimited- the Netflix of Books

Libraries have always been my source for free books.  But with the advent of e-readers, people are turning more and more to ebooks, which have the advantage of instant accessibility and are typically priced lower than print books as well.  I will always, always love print books but I’ve benefited from the convenience of ebooks numerous times as well.

While many libraries do offer some sort of platform for lending ebooks (like OverDrive), they very rarely have the same breadth available as a retailer like Amazon will.  Enter Kindle Unlimited- the Netflix of books.

Like Netflix, you pay a monthly subscription (9.99 per month) and then have access to over a million ebooks, as well as some audiobooks.  And you don’t need a Kindle to read- you’re able to read on any device that has a Kindle app installed.

You can find the Kindle Unlimited catalog here, and I’m super excited to announce that my book is currently on Kindle Unlimited too!  You can read it for free here.

If you’re already a faithful user of Kindle Unlimited, let me know in the comments and tell us about the best books you’ve found on Kindle Unlimited so far.




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